One More Thing

by Adi Boutrous
Photo: Ariel Tagar
Dance guest performance
Depot 2
22 & 23 April 2023
The young Israeli dancer and choreographer Adi Boutrous is performing in Cologne for the first time. ONE MORE THING is a piece for four dancers. Dancing with each other, watching each other, they repeatedly question the relationship between masculinity, power and cohesion. In powerful, dynamic and partly acrobatic images, the balance is found between expectations and inner views, which are combined in cautious duets and conscious silence. Adi Boutrous' movement language is softly flowing and at the same time raw and unpolished. The piece creates room for mutual support in which the individual can show himself and let himself fall, be caught and supported by the group with which he merges again - synchronously, individually and gently.

World premiere: 2020
Choreography: Adi Boutrous
rehearsal director: May Zarhy
Lighting: Ofer Laufer
costume: Stav Struz-Boutrous
Soundtrack Design: