Easter Holiday-

Professions at the theatre
Artists, technicians and staff of the Schauspiel and Oper Köln will open their rehearsal stages, workrooms and offices to give you the opportunity to get to know their professions better. In the workshops you can try things out for yourself - under professional guidance. No matter whether you are a newcomer, a hobby theatre-goer or an under-the-shower singer: you can get a taste of different professions without any previous knowledge, ask questions and try things out for yourself!
Information on your participation
Participation is possible from the age of 14. Several workshops can be booked, participants pay 5 € per workshop. Please note the designated meeting points for each workshop. We will pick you up 10 minutes before the workshop starts


Workshop: stage painter

with stage painters Benjamin Reuter & Jacob Anders
The stage design for opera and drama is created in the workshop on the basis of a template or model. During the workshop, some of the steps required for this will be shown as examples. You will learn various painting and drawing techniques commonly used in theatre painting. And you will be given an exclusive guided tour of the workshops of the Bühnen Köln, including the carpentry workshop, the metalworking shop and the painting room. Please wear old clothes - it can spill!
Meeting place: main entrance stage workshops, In den Reihen 25, 51103 Köln-Kalk

Workshop: Actor

with actors Alexander Angeletta & Nikolaus Benda
A little insight into the profession of theatre actors: How do you use your body, your voice? What does it mean to embody a role? You will learn this through practical exercises. Please bring comfortable clothes.

Meeting place: Schauspiel Köln, Schanzenstraße 6-20, 51063 Köln Mülheim, Germany

Workshop: choir singer and choir director

with choir director Rustam Samedov and Altistin Barbara Ochs
More than 60 trained singers sing in the Cologne Opera Chorus. The demands on opera choristers are high: above-average musicality and vocal technique, talent for acting and a good memory to learn the musically varied and multilingual opera repertoire. The singers are guided by the choir director, who has a central function: conducting, conducting and preparing rehearsals, correpetition, voice training and much more.

In this workshop you will be involved in a rehearsal of the Cologne Opera Choir and sing with the professionals. Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to ask Rustam Samedov and Barbara Ochs questions about their profession. Singing skills are not required. Please send us an email in advance so that we can send you the sheet music: theaterpaedagogik@buehnen.koeln.

Meeting place: Foyer at StaatenHaus, Rheinparkweg 1, 50679 Cologne, Germany

Workshop: temporary dance

with dancer Margarida Neto
The international dance company Richard Siegal / Ballet of Difference at Schauspiel Köln has been dancing on our stages for over three years. Professional dancers from all over the world belong to this contemporary ballet. In this workshop, Margarida Neto will give an insight into her dance training and show what contemporary modern dance means to her by means of simple exercises. The workshop will be held in English, but the focus will naturally be on body language. No previous experience is necessary, but please bring clothes that you can move well in.

Meeting place: Schauspiel Köln, Schanzenstraße 6-20, 51063 Cologne Mülheim

Workshop: props

with prop makers Kaja Manenbach & Maike Kraus
The work of props makers at the theatre is multifaceted. They research, procure and build props, tinker with effects and supervise rehearsals and performances. In the workshop, participants will learn what needs to be considered when choosing stage props and what tricks are used in props. Practically, we will make fake food for a cake buffet and get to know different methods and materials.

Meeting place: Schauspiel Köln, Schanzenstraße 6-20, 51063 Cologne Mülheim

Workshop: Singing

with singers Claudia Rohrbach & Lucas Singer
How do I keep my own voice fit? How do I prepare for a role? What does the work of singers at the opera house look like? In this workshop you will learn the most important basics of body and voice work, approach a role through acting and experience how the interaction of acting, costume, stage and stage direction affects singing. No singing skills required.

Meeting place: Foyer at StaatenHaus, Rheinparkweg 1, 50679 Cologne, Germany

Workshop: Costume

with costume assistant Wiebke Barbara
How does a costume come into being and what is the significance of the costume design for the theatre production? Together we embark on the journey of a costume design: From the first costume idea to the premiere. Which workshops are involved in the completion of the costume? What happens on the costume's journey to the stage? Where is it designed, sewn, worked on and tried on? You can ask questions and learn about costume history on the basis of the finished costume. During the workshop we will create our figurine sheet on which each station of our day will be recorded and thus document the journey of the costume.

Meeting place: Schauspiel Köln, Schanzenstraße 6-20, 51063 Cologne Mülheim

Workshop: daramaturgy

Mit dramaturg Sybille Dudek
Who at the theatre thinks about which plays or projects will be put on stage? And who could play which role? Who writes the text and articles for the programme? Who advises directors and accompanies productions from playwriting to the premiere? Who gives introductions to the audience? - Behind all these tasks and processes is the dramaturgy - of course always in conversation with the artists.
The workshop provides insights into the everyday and varied work of dramaturges. And offers the opportunity to try out designing a play yourself.

Meeting place: Schauspiel Köln, Schanzenstraße 6-20, 51063 Cologne Mülheim

Workshop: stage design/ model work

with stage assistant Grazia Rizzuto
What does a stage designer actually do? How is a stage set created and what does it mean for the theatre production? Using various stage design models, we will find out what it means to artistically design sets and pieces of furniture and to realise them with the support of different departments for a successful theatre production. In groups you will build your own small scale model and bring your own ideas to life in three-dimensional space.

Meeting place: Schauspiel Köln, Schanzenstraße 6-20, 51063 Cologne Mülheim

Workshop: theatre direction / theatre pedagogy

with theatre pedagogue and directorr David Vogel & FSJ apprentice Viola Jansen
Theatre directors often bear the main responsibility for a production. This is where all artistic positions come together and the director controls the overall work of art. Theatre educators also have a multifaceted job: they lead theatre groups, develop workshops for productions and come up with formats to make theatre interesting for a broad public. In the workshop, we will create staging concepts, develop scene designs and consider how so much responsibility can be divided in a meaningful way. Using various exercises, we will try out simple steps onto the big stage and constructive cooperation.

Meeting place: Schauspiel Köln, Schanzenstraße 6-20, 51063 Cologne Mülheim

Workshop: lighting

with signalwomen Tina Knoop
How is typical theatre lighting created? What is the difference between halogen and LED lighting? And what is the mystery of moving lights all about? Participants will explore these questions and work practically with spotlights and programme their own light show.

Meeting place: StaatenHaus foyer, Rheinparkweg 1, 50679 Cologne, Germany

Workshop: stage technic and lace-up floor

With Deputy Technical Director Galina Schröder & Stage Manager Sebastian Dries
Have you always wanted to take a look behind the scenes at the theatre? Then you've come to the right place! From the design of the sets to the first performance, the stage technology department looks after the technical side of the plays: Heavy walls that move with ease, intricately painted huge fabrics that float silently up and down. From simple floor coverings to elaborate special effects, we'll show you how the construction of a stage set works and all the things that have to be taken into account.

Meeting place: Schauspiel Köln, Schanzenstraße 6-20, 51063 Cologne Mülheim

Workshop: sound technology

with sound technician Christoph Priebe
Sound technicians are responsible for the technical operation and maintenance of all sound systems in the stage and auditorium. They ensure that the people on stage can be heard clearly in the auditorium or that voices are distorted with effects. They are also responsible for the playback of all sound effects. On the one hand, these are pre-produced music, on the other, sounds and atmospheres of all kinds. How the sound is distributed in the room is of particular importance. In the workshop, participants can create the optimal sound themselves using various devices and mixing consoles.

Meeting place: Schauspiel Köln, Schanzenstraße 6-20, 51063 Cologne Mülheim