Messages from the minister of hell
Photo: Krafft Angerer
by William Shakespeare and Katja Brunner
In a version by Katja Brunner
In German
Depot 1
3 hours 10 min • one intermission
23rd April 2022
Richard is dissatisfied. He does not fit in with the times, he does not fit in with society, he does not like the reigning king – so he decides to become a »scoundrel« and thus Shakespeare’s drama takes its course.

Completely consumed by his desire to rule—at whatever price it may come—Richard makes use of every form of manipulation. First, he has his brother imprisoned and killed, then he seduces his brother’s grieving widow Princess Anne to consolidate his claim to power. At this point, Anne’s dead husband is on his conscience, as are many others who have paved his way. Through his alternating game of malice and feigned tenderness, outstanding rhetoric and deceit, he finally succeeds in taking the English throne as Richard III. But then, his place at the top is contested. Richard himself must go into battle. It is a matter of life and death.

The author Katja Brunner is considered internationally as »the most successful, as well as the most striking playwright in Switzerland« (NZZ). In her plays, Brunner repeatedly addresses, among other things, the political and historical conditioning of bodies in a highly poetic manner.

Direction: Pınar Karabulut
Stage Design: Michela Flück
Costume: Claudia Irro
Video: Susanne Steinmassl · Amon Ritz
Lighting: Michael Frank
Sounddesign: Oliver Bersin & Joschka Tschirley
Dramaturgy: Sarah Lorenz