by Richard Siegal/Ballet of Difference at Schauspiel Köln
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The geometry of the human body and its synchronised movements in space – this is how one could best describe the daily artistic practice of Cologne’s Ballet of Difference company. With the title, Ballet of Obedience, US-Choreographer Richard Siegal now devotes himself to the so-called “Shuudan Koudou” practice, also known as “Japanese Precision Walking”, which was already a significant inspiration for the successful production UNITXT. The discipline has existed in Japan since 1966 as a type of sport that focuses on strictly synchronised movement sequences among groups of people. From a Western perspective, this synchronised walking is reminiscent of military marching drills, however is combined with an aesthetic virtuosity.

In this work, Siegel draws provocative connections to the no less precise dance movement sequences of classical corps de ballet, which likewise strive for synchronicity. He asks in what capacity the individual performers can also benefit from such a relational connection to the whole. With the specially composed music of Alva Noto a full-length ballet is created that takes place within The Near – Far programme, which will run over several seasons. Within this framework, the international and intercultural company Ballet of Difference re-locates the artistic standpoint of Europe globally.