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Watching theatre during Covid-19

PERFORMANCE CANCELLATION Until the 31st of March 2021
In close reconciliation with the city of Cologne, no performances will take place in front of an audience up until the 31st of March.

For future performances, you then have the option to bindingly reserve your tickets over the phone by calling +49 (0) 221 - 221 28400 or by sending an e-mail to The ticket service will contact you then to let you know whether the reservation is possible or to inform you about alternatives.

We are very much looking forward to hopefully welcome you back to Schauspiel Köln in April! In order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus and to guarantee you a safe and frictionless visit to the theatre, theatre operations in front of, on and behind the stage will then of course continue to take place in accordance to the tried and tested hygiene regulations. Therefore, please note the following information:

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During the booking process, we are obliged to note the contact details of all visitors and, if necessary, to double-check these with an identity document on site. Tickets that have already been paid for will be sent out approximately 14 days before the performance.

Please understand that due to the current situation, the ticket processing might take longer than usually.
Our box office in the Opern Passagen is currently closed to the public. However, please note the minimum distance of 1.50 m and the compulsory wearing of a mouth-nose protection (no face visor) there as well. Refunds cannot be paid in cash at the theatre box office at this time but will be transferred into your bank account. Purchased tickets are currently not printed on site but are saved as paid and posted approximately 14 days before the event.
In order to be able to guarantee the necessary safety distance of 1.5 m between two bookings, we have made a reduction in the seating capacity in our venues.
  • On the regular stands in Depot 1 and Depot 2, we have currently blocked every second row.
  • Also, two seats are currently blocked between two bookings.
Please note that persons who wish to travel to a performance from a risk area are subject to the current Coronavirus Entry Ordinance of the State of NRW or have a quarantine and testing obligation. If you feel ill or have symptoms of a cold, please stay at home, as we are not permitted to grand you access to the venue in that case. Also, people who have had contact with others being infected with Covid-19 in the 14 days prior to the performance cannot be allowed to attend the performance.

  • As we would like to offer you the greatest possible flexibility, you can, in this case, return tickets already purchased up to the day of the performance, if you inform us in advance over the phone by calling +49 (0) 221 - 221 28400 and send us your tickets.


Please wear a mouth-nose protection in all premises of the Schauspiel Köln.
  • Currently, according to information from the crisis management team of the City of Cologne, masks are also compulsory during performances while being seated.
  • If you are unable to wear a mouth-nose protection due to a health impairment, please bring a medical certificate with you.

Please maintain at all times a minimum distance of 1.50 m to other persons during your theatre visit.
  • We have designed a passing system in the foyer, please follow the corresponding signs or the instructions of the evening staff.
  • Please also avoid crowding and touching.

Please act according to the cough-sneeze code of behaviour and wash and disinfect your hands thoroughly and regularly.
  • Disinfectants are available for you at the entrance and in the foyer.
The evening box office remains open. However, we recommend that you purchase your tickets in advance via our ticket service to avoid queues in the box office foyer.
  • If you have purchased your tickets in advance, please bring the completed guest registration form with you and hand it in at the box office or to our evening staff. We reserve the right to check the details with help of an identity document.
The cloakroom remains open. Nevertheless, you can take jackets and smaller bags into the hall and leave them on the blocked seats, so that they do not obstruct the aisles. Larger bags, backpacks, suitcases etc. must be handed in at the cloakroom. The cloakroom is free of charge.

The bar in the foyer remains open.
  • We have set up a bistro area with fixed seating in the foyer. In case of bad weather conditions, you will be served at your seats there. Otherwise, you can buy your drink at the bar as usual.
  • Of course, you can also have your drinks outside in front of the Depot or in the CARLsGARTEN.
  • At other places in the foyer, the removal of the mouth-nose protection and thus the consumption of drinks or food is currently not permitted.
The foyer in the Depot opens one hour before the performance starts. Admission to the auditorium will then begin in good time before the start of the performance, so that we can ensure orderly entry.
  • Please have your ticket and, if applicable, your reduction certificate ready so that we can avoid queues.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot grant late admission.
  • The venues of Schauspiel Köln are equipped with ventilation systems that supply sufficient fresh air to the halls for all audience members and others involved.
  • The cleaning intervals for all rooms have been increased. Objects that visitors may get into contact with (handles, door handles, fittings, etc.) are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before every performance.
After the performance
We kindly ask you to leave the building as soon as possible after the performance. Please follow the instructions of the evening staff or the signs.