barrier-sensitive theater

At Schauspiel Köln, we strive to make the theater experience more inclusive and barrier-sensitive in front of, behind, and on stage, and are continuously working to improve conditions for everyone - knowing very well that not everything is perfect yet, by a long shot. If you have suggestions for us or questions or need support, please feel free to contact us via
reduction of the ticket price
People with a 100 % degree of disability or with a B in their disabled person’s card, as well as owners of the Cologne Pass receive a 50 % reduction on the ticket price upon presentation of proof. Eligible accompanying persons receive a free ticket.
disabled parking spaces
Our parking spaces for visitors are easily accessible, as they are located directly behind the Depot.
barrier-free toilets
The toilets in the Depot and at the Offenbachplatz are located on the ground floor.
wheelchair users
The entrance area of the Depot is accessible for wheelchair users. The entrances to the auditoriums in Depot 1 and Depot 2 are on the ground floor. There are six wheelchair spaces in Depot 1 and two wheelchair spaces in Depot 2.
English Surtitles
We always offer English surtitles for these performances: THE NOTEBOOK / THE PROOF / THE THIRD LIE at Depot 2, GOD OF CARNAGE as well as NATHAN THE WISE at Depot 1. The dance evening BALLET OF (DIS)OBEDIENCE is also accompanied by German and English. The dance evening BODY WITHOUT ORGANS does without language.

people with visual impairments
On selected dates, we offer performances for people with visual impairments that are translated live by two audio scriptwriters and broadcasted to our guests in the auditorium using a radio system and headphones. Upcoming dates can be found online in the monthly programme.
people with hearing impairments
Do you use a hearing aid, a cochlear implant or would you like to hear the actors' voices better? With the help of our WIFI-based hearing system (Sennheiser Mobile Connect), you can use hearing assistance in both Depot 1 and Depot 2. This works with your own smartphone (or a borrowable iPod) plus hearing aid, cochlear implant, headphones or with the help of a borrowable induction loop and a hearing aid with T-function. Our foyer staff will be happy to help you.
Relaxed Performance
HELGE'S LIFE is regularly offered as a Relaxed Performance, the exact dates can be found in the programme. A Relaxed Performance is primarily intended to invite people with special movement needs, Tourette's, anxiety disorders, those on the autism spectrum and anyone else who feels addressed to visit the Import Export Kollektiv's latest work. Among other things, there will be comfortable and wide seating, adapted lighting moods and a chill-out area in the foyer with live broadcasting.
guide dogs
Animals are not permitted in the theater, with the exception of guide dogs for the blind and disabled persons. In these cases, please contact our ticket service in advance at or +49221 221 28400.