barrier-sensitive theater

reduction of the ticket price
People with a degree of disability of 100 % or with a B in their disabled person’s card, as well as owners of the Cologne Pass receive a 50 % reduction on the ticket price upon presentation of proof. Eligible accompanying persons receive a free ticket.
disabled parking spaces
Our parking spaces for visitors can be easily reached, as they are located directly behind the Depot.
barrier-free toilets
The toilets in the Depot and at the Offenbachplatz are at ground level.
wheelchair users
The entrance area of the Depot is accessible for wheelchair users. The entrances to the auditoriums in
Depot 1 and Depot 2 are at ground level. There are six wheelchair spaces in Depot 1 and two wheelchair spaces in Depot 2.
People with hearing disabilities
Depot 1 is equipped with a mobile hearing system. People with hearing disabilities can obtain a mobile receiver from the admission staff for the duration of the performance.
people with visual impairments
On selected dates, we offer performances to people with visual impairments that are translated live in their entirety by two audio scriptwriters, and broadcasted to our guests in the auditorium using a radio system and headphones. Upcoming dates can be found online in the monthly programme.