Ballet of (Dis)obedience

by Richard Siegal / Ballet of Difference
A Schauspiel Köln and Tanz Köln Production
Depot 1
March 24, 2023
Termine & Tickets Schauspiel Köln Schanzenstraße 6-20, 51063 Köln
Fri 24 Mar
As part of the intercultural exchange project BALLET OF (DIS)OBEDIENCE, Richard Siegal and his company Ballet of Difference traveled to Japan to encounter the practice of Japanese precision walking. The strictly synchronized group choreographies amaze with their radical stringency, and it’s not only the idiosyncratic sense of humor that’s made them an under-the-radar YouTube hit. What at first glance appears as military drill exercises has been a popular mashup of dance and athletics in Japan since the ‘60s. Siegal acknowledges in its extreme bodily discipline an analogy to classical ballet. This confluence of movement cultures poses questions of individual and collective thinking, personal decision-making power, and social responsibility which concern our present societies on many levels. The premiere in Germany is part of the Far-East / Far-West festival launched by Richard Siegal / Ballet of Difference. The festival’s various artistic and discursive contributions reflect on Eurocentric perspectives.
Gefördert von
Richard Siegal / Ballet of Difference am Schauspiel Köln wird gefördert vom Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen in Zusammenarbeit mit dem NRWKULTURsekretariat, durch das Kulturreferat der Landeshauptstadt München und die Kunststiftung NRW. Eine Koproduktion mit der Muffathalle München.