Britney X

Stay with me a while

BRITNEY X Opening Party
MI 07 JUNE • 23.00 P.M.
Party • Open End
Let everything fall off you, because you are free of everything. We still carry the euphoric energy of the ball out into the night, because »Don't Stop the Party« is the motto when Gîn Bali plays. Gîn Bali feels genderunbound and plays genreunbound in her music, accompanied by bass, jungle, moombathon, hip hop, classic, deconstructed club, grime, Industria and Kurdish pop. She works as an event organiser herself, is founder of the label Confused, board member of YAYA e.V. and works as a freelance booker and lyricist. Her sounds are mainly influenced by her classical training and her connection to RnB, hip hop and rock music. Gîn Bali is a Kurdish-German guitarist, music teacher, organiser, DJ and producer from Wuppertal, where she majored in classical guitar.