Battle of the Teutoburg Forest

(Die Hermannsschlacht)
Photo: Julian Röder
by Heinrich von Kleist
Depot 2
1 hour 35 minutes •
no intermission
05 SEP 2020
A nation that is deeply divided: Herrman the Cheruscan prince, has great difficulties to keep his army together when the Roman legions invade under commander Varus. Hermann is to be overthrown and rebels against it with all his weapons to maintain his power.
He plays the war parties off against each other and unites his own people in their common hatred of the foreigners, using dubious means and feigned alliances. In the end, the ruler of Germania is a traitor to morals and integrity – is he the kind of ruler the people deserve?

The Croatian director Oliver Frljić, who explored questions of mass movements, radicalisation, desires for freedom and responsibility in his production of Brecht's DER UNTERGANG DES EGOISTEN JOHANN FATZER (DOWNFALL OF THE EGOIST JOHANN FATZER) at Schauspiel Köln, now takes on THE BATTLE OF THE TEUTOBURG FOREST. Is violence indispensable to overthrow the existing system? And is there no way out when a vicious ruler sets out to usurp all power? Frljić takes a look at the discrepancy between words and deeds, the timeless greed for power as well as the own ruthlessness towards our neighbours.
direction: Oliver FRLJIĆ
stage design: Igor Pauška
COSTUME: Katrin Wolfermann
music: Daniel Regenberg
stage lighting: Jan Steinfatt
dramaturgy: Sarah Lorenz