Britney X

Bitchy Bingo

With Pam Pengco
Photo: ck px
SAT 10 JUNE • 18.30 P.M.
Bingo • 1h • Green Room
Known from the Exile on Schaafenstraße, we present »Bitchy Bingo« - a unique drag game show with games, fun and booze including more or less solvable bitchy questions and great prizes. You have no idea what to expect? Neither does the presenter, so come along!

By & With
Unobtrusive, shy, natural. No idea who is meant, but not Pam Pengco, because she doesn't mince her words - quick-witted, dry, open and authentic to the point of enlightenment through humour. With a voice rarely found in women, Pam defies so many clichés.
Let yourself in for a fun time with Pam - ...and if you've never come into contact with travesty before, you might even get to touch it here!?
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