Britney X


the hustle and bustle around the festival
08 - 10 Jun • 14 - 23 P.M.
Market • outside all areas

08 & 10 JUN • 16 - 18 P.M.


Here you can get creative! Become a designer of your own jewellery. Whether it's a necklace, ring or bracelet - there are no limits to your creativity. On Thursdays and Saturdays from 16 - 18 P.M. you will have the opportunity to create your own individual pieces of jewellery. No registration necessary - just come by!

08 - 10 JUN • 17 - 22 P.M.

Tarot cards

Tarot is the guide to one's own power and energy and reflects the mental states of the moment. The tarot cards show developments and obstacles as well as individual potentials and how one can bring everyday life tasks and problems into harmony with the cosmic order. At this year's BRITNEY X Festival you can ask Eliana Moravia and her tarot cards all your questions about love, friendship, relationships and other life situations. Let the cards speak!

Eliana Moravia is a historian, astrologer, visual artist and has been reading tarot cards for 40 years.

08 - 10 JUN • 18 - 20 P.M.

Pimp it up!

What would a festival be without the right look?
At our PIMP IT UP table you can give yourself your own individual BRITNEY-X-LOOK every day from 6pm to 8pm. Whether colourful nails or the right make-up - be yourself and pimp it up for the perfect festival evening!

08 - 10 JUN • 15 - 22 P.M.

Le Pop Box

The feminist concept store Le Pop Lingerie in Ehrenfeld is an oasis for good body image, sexuality and pop culture with a brightly coloured bow of humour and Joie De Vivre all around. A place where you can be yourself and discover how wonderful your body is.
more highlights
The MUSIC BOX provides the right hits for the festival with exclusive DJ sets • The audio installation YOU MAKE ME FEEL LIKE A NATURAL DISASTER transports you into an emotional landscape in which outside and inside become blurred • Our WELCOME BOX provides you with all the information about the festival • In the LUNCH BOX, snacks and cool drinks await you • In our BRITNEY PHOTO BOX, you can capture the unique Britney moment for eternity.