Britney X

Cirque de la solitude

THUR 08 JUNE • 19.30 P.M.
Theatre • 40 min • Jaki Club
A man and a woman meet in a bar. What sounds like either the start of a joke or a rom-com is definitely one of these situations that needs no further explanation. A circus performer after the curtain has fallen, a recently dumped cop and this endless desire for something more. Can you lose yourself completely in love until that painful sense of self fades away or does love lie in the difference, the inter of interpersonal relationships. Is there a safety net in this tightrope act? Which French thinkers are at fault for this dilemma? And how is canned pineapple involved in all of this?
From & With
Production Team
With Justus Maier und Kristin Steffen • Stage: Lilli Riesenbeck • Costume: Clara Bohnen
Michael Königstein
Michael Königstein, born in 1994, studied German and English at the University of Mannheim. During his studies, he completed his first internships and assistance positions at the Nationaltheater Mannheim and the Pfalzbau Ludwigshafen. From 2018 to 2021, he was assistant director at the Staatstheater Nürnberg. Since the 2021/22 season, he has been assistant director at Schauspiel Köln. He assisted René Pollesch, Frank Castorf, Anne Lenk and Jan Philipp Gloger, among others. In Nuremberg he made his directorial debut with DIE TONIGHT, LIVE FOREVER OR THE PRINCIPLE NOSFERATU by Sivan Ben Yishai, which was nominated for the Nachspielpreis of the Heidelberg Stückemarkt.