Close Up

Team »Close Up« meets ...
interview series
CLOSE UP goes on into the next round! Lola Klamroth, together with Nicolas Lehni, take over the investigative microphone and introduce the ensemble on a regular basis. Only shortly before the recording, the two participants are informed about what is about to happen in the recording.

moderation: Nicolas Lehni & Lola Klamroth
editor: Sarah Lorenz
video technological support: Jochen Ohr / Paul Schwarz / Mütze Media
editing: Thomas Toth / Mütze Media
Episode 17
Nicolas Lehni meets Bruno Cathomas
Episode 16
Lola Klamroth meets Melanie Kretschmann
Episode 15
Lola Klamroth meets Alexander Angeletta
Episode 14
Lola Klamroth meets Justus Maier
Episode 13
Nicolas Lehni meets Stefko Hanushevsky
Episode 12
Nicolas Lehni meets Seán McDonagh
Episode 11
Nicolas Lehni meets Sophia Burtscher
episode 10
Lola Klamroth meets Margot Gödrös
episode 9
Lola Klamroth meets Ines Marie Westernströer
episode 8
Lola Klamroth meets Kristin Steffen
episode 7
Lola Klamroth meets Benjamin Höppner
episode 6
Lola Klamroth meets Elias Reichert
episode 5
Lola Klamroth meets Nicolas Lehni
episode 4
Nicolas Lehni meets Nikolaus Benda
episode 3
Nicolas Lehni meets Nicola Gründel
episode 2
Nicolas Lehni meets Yuri Englert
episode 1
Nicolas Lehni meets Lola Klamroth