The Notebook / The Proof /
The Third Lie / The Illiterate (AT)

Photo: Andreas Schlager
By Ágota Kristóf
With English Surtitles
Depot 2
1 hour 55 min • no intermission
March 31, 2023
There’s a war going on. A mother brings her twin sons from the city into rural safety with their grandmother, where they’re on their own, grow up in poverty, and try to toughen up their bodies and souls with brutal exercises. They learn to relegate their feelings to the depths of their lonesome interiors. When they part company at the end of the war – one brother crosses the border, the other stays behind – the life they share doesn’t let them go. Ágota Kristóf writes this story in her touching, poetic, yet unsettling trilogy of novels, oscillating between reality and delusion. Kristóf, who feld Hungary as a young woman and emigrated to French-speaking Switzerland, started to write at age 50. And she is among the most important European writers of the post-war era. The stage version interweaves text from the novels with autobiographical stories from Ágota Kristóf’s THE ILLITERATE.

Mina Salehpour is the director of this production. Her piece SAISON DER WIRBELSTÜRME could be seen in the digital program of the 2020/21 season at Schauspiel Köln.

In order to be able to read the English surtitles well, we recommend seats on the left side of the grandstand in rows 3-10.

direction: Mina Salehpour
Composition & musical arrangement: Sandro Tajouri
Lighting: Jan Steinfatt