Endless Summer

by Madame Nielsen
visual audio book
First performance:
12 of june 2021
The Danish author and performer Madame Nielsen is a star in Scandinavia. With ENDLESS SUMMER she has written a melancholy, longing book of memories, the story of a summer in which suddenly everything is possible. They meet in a white mansion in Denmark. The mother. The jealous stepfather. The girl. The shy boy. The Portuguese. The beautiful Lars. A love story begins that changes everything. For a while the laws of everyday life are suspended, the white courtyard becomes a utopian place, time loses its shape - until the dissolution begins. A shimmering tale of love and death, the requiem for a summer and the people who were cared for in it.
Lucia Bihler · Rosanna Graf · Laura Kirst · Clara Thull, Julie Wiesen · Leonie Falke · Jacob Suske · Paulina Alpen, Mats Süthoff · Jürgen Kapitein, Tim Borner, Matthias Kohmann · Julian Pörksen, Sarah Lorenz