The Trial

by Franz Kafka
In German
Depot 1
January 27, 2023
“Someone must have slandered Josef K., for one morning, without having done anything truly wrong, he was arrested.” Franz Kafka’s character Josef K. is profoundly confused about this circumstance but is allowed to continue his life as before. K. goes to work, knowing however, that he’s an inmate. He meets his lover; in the back of his head is the hunch that a trial is in store for him. Precisely how the trial will go, what he’ll be accused of, the dates he has to appear in court – all of this remains a mystery to K. He plunges ever deeper into the world of the law and the court. His servants and employees increasingly find their way into his reality. In the end he is served the verdict – with no disclosure of reasoning – and it is enforced. Whether or not Josef K. was guilty and the offense he was guilty of go unmentioned.

Franz Kafka’s third, unfinished, and posthumously published novel has been variously interpreted: as biographical, politically visionary, even humorous. The surreal bureaucratic labyrinth that closes in on the main character and in which Josef K. loses himself – in fact, without seriously doubting the charges against him – gives director Pinar Karabulut and her team plenty of material to get to the bottom of issues of power and powerlessness, guilt and innocence.
direction: Pınar Karabulut
stage: Michela Flück
costume: Teresa Vergho
video assistant: Amon Ritz
dramaturgy: Sarah Lorenz