Photo: Tommy Hetzel
by Dennis Kelly • German from John Birke
In German
Depot 2
02nd June 2022
A man stands in a hotel room, trying to calm the crying baby in his arms. His beloved wife Cas was finally able to get pregnant with the help of the latest technology, but only a few minutes after the birth she is dead. Just a moment ago, the man had experienced the greatest happiness in the delivery room, now his whole life is collapsing.

This moment is the birth of a new radical movement that will soon find great popularity: the regression. The modern belief of enlightenment and progress had been mistakes. Weapons, genetic manipulation, and technical innovations had pushed humanity to the brink of the abyss. This needed to stop, whatever the cost! In this newly forming »regressionist« society technology and research are forbidden. Even the language is to be reduced within the upcoming years. Knowledge is torture, ignorance a blessing.

With his plays DNA or LOVE AND MONEY, the Irish playwright Dennis Kelly became one of the most known theater authors of our time. In times of fake news, the climate crisis, and a global pandemic THE WAY BACK tells a post-technological future scenario in which humanity evolves back to an archaic society. Director Moritz Sostmann, who most recently premiered Ibrahim Amir’s THE FEAST OF SACRIFICE at CARLsGARTEN, now brings Kelly’s dystopian thought experiment with actors and actresses as well as puppets on stage of DEPOT 2.

Direction: Moritz Sostmann
Stage Design: Christian Beck
Costume: Lise Kruse
Dolls: Hagen Tilp
Lighting: Jan Steinfatt
Sound: Axel Block
Dramaturgy: Thomas Jonigk