The unbedings

An evening about the awackening in Iran
Moderation: Ferdos Forudastan
reading & talk
With texts in German
Depot 1
On 13 September 2022, Jîna Mahsa Amini was arrested by the so-called morality police in the Iranian capital Tehran and taken to prison. The reason: the 22-year-old Kurdish woman had not worn the hijab according to the rules and laws in public places. Jîna was transported to hospital, where she died three days later as a result of severe head and body injuries. The event triggered widespread protest movements across Iran with women at the forefront. The people are demanding an end to decades of systematic violations of the rights of women and minorities, arbitrary arrests, torture, unfair trials and corruption. The leadership of the Islamic Republic of Iran is responding with massive use of force. Hundreds have been killed so far and more and more cases of young people being killed are becoming public.

With texts and voices of journalists, authors and activists, we guide our attention during this solidary event to current events in the Iran. Thereby, we want to commemorate the victimes of the protets and call for longlasting solidarity with the protesting ones.