Cathedral Project

Photo: JR
by Oliver Frlijć
In German
Depot 1
17th December 2021
Age recommendation:
16 years on
With the cathedral as the protagonist, history is to be told at Schauspiel Köln: the building stands strong and more or less untouched in the city. While time passes around it, history happens.

The Croatian director Oliver Frljić, who most recently staged Kleist’s BATTLE OF THE TEUTOBURG FOREST at Schauspiel Köln, begins not only with a study from Cologne, nor a German study, but with a European study spanning the course of several decades and centuries: which episodes in the history and construction of the cathedral took place in the dark, in the shadow of this church, and also with regard to the institution of the church’s behaviour during the plague, National Socialism and the Reformation? What stories, people and ideologies did it provide space and support for? The director approaches the emblem of Cologne’s soul with a critical eye.
Direction: Oliver FRLJIĆ
Stage Design: Igor Pauška
Costume: Katrin Wolfermann
Music: Daniel Regenberg
Lighting: Jan Steinfatt
Dramaturgy: Sarah Lorenz