Britney X


With Pam Pengco & Laila Licious
Photo: Pam Pengco
SAT 10 JUNE • 21.00 P.M.
Workshop • 1h 30 min • Green Room
SAT 10 JUNE 2023 • 21.00 P.M.
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»We’re all born naked and the rest is DRAG! «
The BRITNEY X Festival is heading for one of the most colourful and proud events of the year: a two-hour DRAG MAKEUP MASTERCLASS accompanied by Laila Licious and Pam Pengco!

Transforming a male model into a beautiful female persona is what makes this class so unique. Whereas most of the makeup tricks like highlighting and contouring can also be applied to an everyday makeup. This masterclass is open to all: drag queens, makeup artists and anyone who wants to take their skills to the next level. A great course for anyone starting out in drag makeup or wanting to develop existing skills, or even for already working drag queens who want to learn new techniques in drag.

Here's your chance: a 2-hour express course to learn the basics of drag make-up artistry. LAILA LICIOUS will demonstrate step by step all the tips & tricks, such as: Covering eyebrows, over contouring, dramatic drag eye looks, overdrawn lips and much more! These tips & tricks will be demonstrated live on PAM PENGCO. Germany's comedy queen, who has been on stage for ten years now, doesn't mince her words and would have loved to attend such a masterclass herself at the beginning of her career. Why - you can find out on the spot!

...and whether Laila can even keep her hand still when Pam is talking! Come along and discover the power of drag make-up together with Laila Licious and Pam Pengco, because we all have a drag personality inside us that deserves to be revealed - true to the motto: »We’re all born naked and the rest is DRAG!«
by & with
Pam Pengco
Unobtrusive, shy, natural. No idea who is meant, but not Pam Pengco, because she doesn't mince her words - quick-witted, dry, open and authentic to the point of enlightenment through humour. With a voice rarely found in women, Pam defies some clichés. Let yourself in for a fun time with Pam - and if you've never come into contact with travesty before, you might even get to touch it!
Leila Licious
True to the motto »The Bigger the Better«, Laila Licious shines not only with her voluminous wigs, perfect make-up or sensational outfits, but also with her humorous personality. All this makes the Kölsche Frohnatur an uncopyable original of the German drag scene. She is known, among other things, as an exclusive wig fairy (for Trixie Mattel, Katy Bähm etc.), DJane, showgirl (Heaven Zurich, Backstage Diaries, Milkshake Festival Amsterdam) and, of course, as a jury member of the RTL show: »VIVA LA DIVA - Wer ist die Queen?«.