Photo: Ana Lukenda (am Set)
Adapted from Christopher Marlowe • by Ewald Palmetshofer
online series with 6 episodes
in German with English subtitles
12 FEB 2021
Age recommendation:
from the age of 16
After the death of his father, Edward II ascends the throne of England. But instead of attending to official business and serving the people, as the House of Lords under the leadership of advisor Mortimer demands and requires, the young ruler attends exclusively to matters of his heart: Immediately after taking power, Edward's favourite Gaveston is brought back out of exile to heal the king's broken heart - much to the displeasure not only of the lords but also of his wife Isabella.
She fights tooth and nail for her marriage and thus for her power, and together with Mortimer, she spins intrigues that lead to suffering, fighting and finally even murder. In the end, a child takes the place at the head of the government. Despite all, the existing social and governmental system prevails. Based on Christopher Marlowe's play EDWARD II, the Austrian dramatist Ewald Palmetshofer rewrites the story of the renegade ruler King Edward II.
He shifts the conflicts of the acting political personalities exclusively into the private sphere, whereby a new battlefield emerges: Desire and passion are facing reasons of state and control, longing and personal happiness are fighting against responsibility and aspirations to power.
Is love, too, just a commodity to be traded to get what one wants?

Director Pınar Karabulut is now transforming Palmetshofer's text into an exclusive online series of six episodes. Starting on 12 February, a new episode will be released every Friday! After publication, the episodes will be permanently available until the end of June.
direction: Pınar Karabulut
stage design: Bettina Pommer
costume: Teresa Vergho
stage lighting: Michael Frank
dramaturgy: Sarah Lorenz
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