At first forever

Photo: Ana Lukenda
By & with OLDSCHOOL and (un)married guests
In German
Depot 2
World premiere:
08 November 2023
Will you marry me? Yes? No? Maybe? To have and to hold, till death do us part – or family court. But why get married at all? Because it’s your heart’s desire? Or your family’s? For the money? For residency rights? To signal equality? More than 800,000 people in Germany say “yes” every year before God or the state. Since the beginning of the millennium the tendency is on the rise again. What makes this millennia-old institution so attractive to this day? And who still gets excluded?

In AT FIRST FOREVER an intergenerational cast of everyday experts take over the wedding altar, negotiate personal experiences from their professional and married lives, deconstruct contractual terms, incite wars of the roses, and check their own value on the marriage market – with plenty of yeses, nos, ifs, and buts.
direction: David Vogel
movement: Nina Mackenthun
stage: Anna Lachnit
costume: Julia Misiorny
light: Manfred Breuer • Frédéric Dériaz
Composition & Live Music: Annie Bloch
dramaturgy: Jan Stephan Schmieding
Dramaturgical assistance: Johanna Rummeny
Pronunciation practice: Britta Tekotte