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By & with allapopp
Photo: alla popp
FRI 09 JUNE • 15.00 P.M.
Workshop • 3h • Lounge
Since the boom of Augmented Reality (AR) Face Filters (FFs) in 2019, they have become a common tool for online self-representation and perception. FFs are used on social media, in video calls, live shows, privately, and for commercial purposes by brands and influencers.

Despite (or due to) their commercialisation, FFs hold great potential for critical political expression. Artists have used FFs to challenge beauty standards, question societal norms, and highlight issues such as racial and gender inequality. The emergence of new technologies has expanded the possibilities for artistic expression, and AR is one such technology that offers new opportunities.

In this 3-hour workshop, we will explore the artistic and political expression potentials of AR FFs, using Meta Spark Studio. The workshop is designed to provide hands-on experience in creating an AR FFs using the Meta Spark Studio and to explore the artistic and political potentials of AR filters on social media.

To participate in the workshop, a computer and a smartphone are required to work with the Meta Spark Studio application. Please check for the minimum system requirements by following the link before registering for the workshop.

The workshop will be led by allapopp, a digital media and performance artist from Kazan, Russia, currently based in Berlin, Germany.
by & with
allapopp (no pronouns) is a digital media and performance artist from Kazan, Russia, now based in Berlin, Germany. allapopp’s queer feminist gaze focuses on tech-positive visions of the future and queer-feminist perspectives on digital technologies. allapopp formally works at the intersection of digital media, performance and music, developing interactive live online & hybrid formats and experiences in VR, AR, XR and web. allapopp is part of the the technologically advanced interdisciplinary music and performance project BBB_, dgtlfmnsm collective and decolonial music project TATAR KYZ:LAR