Britney X

Filling the blænk

by & with Fräulein V, Herr Mond, Jen Da Faque, Liberty Lestrange, Miss Galaxia, Moana Parks
SAT 10 JUNE • 19.30 P.M.
Drag Show • 1h • Concert Hall
The House of Blænk is composed of five drag performance artists and one dancer. For them, drag is not only colourful fun, but also a political statement. A neon-coloured advertisement that helps people engage with queer people. Let yourself be inspired. For this year’s BRITNEY X festival, The House of Blænk brings you the wide range of drag art on stage. It is known for their performances, which they develop from their first scissor-cut outfits to extensive hairstyles to the last dance step in on their own.

By & With
House of Blænk
Five drag queens joined together to form the House of Blænk for colourful entertainment. In the House of Blænk »is room for everybody«! No matter where you come from, where you want to go, who you love or what you have under your shirt. Here, it doesn't matter what colour your TV paint stick is, what size your shape wear is or how queer the heart beating under your breast plate is. Come as you are, baby! You're perfect! (We'll read you for filth anyways!) Visability is the idea behind the creation of the House of Blænk. Whether at the queer party at your local club, on Christopher Street Day, on the boards that mean the world or on social media! If you meet one of the five, you've come to the right place!
Fräulein V grew up in Münsterland, where fox and rabbit say »good night« to each other and people still use words like »faggot«. She is a strong, emancipated person who deliberately plays with her charms to generate attention and then doesn't mince words to give a voice to people who are otherwise not heard. She is a party girl, a presenter, a fighter, a singer, a good soul, a sexual person and an actress.
Herr Monds is a soul from the Ruhrpott area, but he had to grow up in a small village and never understood there why he »had better not dance ballet« as a boy. In the meantime, he calls the golden Münster his home. He describes himself as »Jack of all trades but master of none«. First and foremost, he is a dancer and choreographer, musician and actor, and very rarely seen in drag as Ivonna Danza. As the youngest member of the house, he works mainly from the second row and is less directly at the microphone himself.
Miss Jen da Faque reißt das Genderkonstrukt auseinander und setzt es nach ihren eigenen Vorstellungen neu wieder zusammen. Die Dragqueen mit Bart erblickte an einem schönen Septemberabend im Jahr 2017 erstmals das Licht der Welt. Seit diesem Tag begeistert sie regelmäßig ihre Fans auf Social-Media mit ausgefeilten Looks und perfekt inszenierten Lipsync- und Tanzauftritten live auf den Bühnen der Clubs.
Miss Jen da Faque tears apart the gender construct and reassembles it on her own terms. The drag queen with a beard first saw the light of day on a beautiful September evening in 2017. Since that day, she has regularly wowed her fans on social media with polished looks and perfectly staged lipsync and dance performances live on club stages.
Miss Galaxia's light first shined in June 2018 to charm people of all different kinds with her Japanese lipsyncs and take them into her world where injustice, xenophobia and discrimination are a foreign word. Miss Galaxia, however, does not only want to provide entertainment. The entire stars of our galaxy are gathered in her. With the help of this power, she has also made it her task to optimise the system of values and norms of our society and to question them in the appropriate places. Let yourselves be enchanted by her bright light and feel the energy she radiates to expand your consciousness.
»I had known her all my life. I just hadn't told anyone about her yet! «
Moana grew up in the country. Where boys do boys' things and girls do girls' things. Even in kindergarten, she noticed that these boundaries didn't apply to her. »Your child is not normal! « is what her parents heard. First, from the kindergarten teacher, later from school teachers. Her classmates also made it clear: »The faggot doesn't belong here! « It took many years until Moana stopped trying to belong! And today she is even happy not to be »normal«! Everyone knows the feeling of being alone. But some know it better than others! Visibility gives courage! That is the reason for her work as a drag queen!
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