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(in)visible city

by & With Sarah Carbow & Anouchka Strunden from »Die Stadtführer*in«
THUR 08 JUNE • 15.00 P.M.
Workshop • 2h 30 min • Green Room & City
THUR 08 June • 15.00 P.M.
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How does the city feel to you? Where are you (in)visible? The city is not a neutral place. We live in it, cross it with our bodies, it is our everyday life. Sexist and patriarchal structures are inscribed in the city, discriminating and excluding us.
In this workshop we will take a queer feminist look at the city together and ask ourselves together questions about visibility(s), security(s), body and space. Sarah and Anouchka, co-editors and founders of the magazine »Die Stadtführer*in« will introduce the workshop with a talk and discussion on the festival grounds. Then, you will go out together to Belgisches Viertel and explore, among other things, the neighborhood. At the end, you will put your knowledge and everything youhave learned into practice directly on site in the form of a city guide.

Apart from yourself, all you need is sun or rain protection and a magazine/newspaper that can be cut into pieces.
»Die Stadtführer*in«
»Die Stadtführer*in« (The City Guide) is a queer feminist power critical magazine that makes perspectives, feelings, stories and places that do not appear in conventional city guides and on city maps visible. In contrast to a classic »TOP 10 sights and things to know about the city« , they criticize the dominant patriarchal views of the city instead of reproducing them. The city guide shows you what is not mentioned in conventional city guides.
Anouchka Strunden
Anouchka (she/her) lives back in Cologne after several years abroad (mainly in Belgium). She is an urbanist and project manager for (socio)cultural projects. She has developed projects in international cooperation on sustainable transport planning, i.e. for a better bicycle infrastructure, multimodal urban mobility, on gender and transport and in participatory planning. Now she is self-employed and continues to make her way with the dream of mastering the interdisciplinary grasp.
Sarah Carbow
Sarah (she/her) grew up in Hamburg and commutes between the big city of Cologne and the countryside of Lower Saxony. She has worked in the field of workplace equality and currently supports feminist educational work with diversity-oriented and discrimination-critical project planning. In Cologne, Sarah is studying Gender & Queer Studies in the Master's program and is working on the intersection of culture and social policy.
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