Judith Shakespeare –
Rape & Revenge

Photo: Lev Gonopolskiy
by Paula Thielecke
in German language
Depot 2
1 hour 10 min • no intermission
April 13, 2023
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»Let me imagine, what would have happened had Shakespeare had a wonderful gifted sister, called JUDITH, let us say,« wrote Virginia Woolf in her novel »A room of one's own«. Author Paula Thielecke takes up precisely this idea in her play JUDITH SHAKESPEARE - RAPE & REVENGE and writes a rousing, witty and pointed play: Judith is here a young, so far rather unsuccessful woman who only gets a job interview with a theatre director because she passes on her brother William's mobile phone number. But the theatre cosmos is anything but benevolent - not only does she repeatedly encounter power games or sexism, but she also has to discover that her brother is not only a beneficiary but also a perpetrator.

The young director Dennis Nolden takes on theatre and its appearance and reality. With cynicism and wit, he creates a song of praise and worship for our still patriarchal cultural landscape.

Please note that the production addresses sexual harassment and violence against women. This can evoke negative feelings and be retraumatising.

direction: Dennis Nolden
Light: Frédéric Dériaz