Shaun Parker / Shaun Parker & Company
Photo: Prudence Upton
dance guest performance
Depot 1
16 & 17 June 2023
»Shaun Parker & Company« is an exciting new Australian dance company that is getting great attention in the international dance scene. Their pieces are theatrical, virtuosic and address socially relevant issues. KING is a music-dance collaboration between award-winning director and choreographer Shaun Parker and internationally renowned Bulgarian artist Ivo Dimchev. Set in an artificial world - part cocktail lounge, part jungle - it questions notions of power, control and group dynamics in the male world. In over 70 minutes, the canon of behavioural patterns and macho behaviour of the cis-straight alpha male is played through - partly humorous, partly brutally uncompromising. Ivo Dimchev, as an »androgynous storyteller« with his cabaret-like singing, forms the antithesis in this toxic male world. »KING«, says Shaun Parker, "is a tribute to a society that is rebelling against an exhausted patriarchal way«.

World premiere: January 2019
choreography, direction & design: Shaun Parker
composition & singing: Ivo Dimchev