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By & with Ryder Dyke & Daddy Dyke
Photo: Maniima Soul
SAT 10 JUNI • 15.00 P.M.
Workshop • 1h • Concert Hall
SAT 10 JUN 2023 • 15.00 P.M.
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Learn the iconic lap dance moves of the hottest Dyke* stripping show, Magic Dyke*, with founders, Ryder and Daddy. With this lapdance class, you will learn the basics of queer masc sensual movement so that you can feel all the butch euphoria and sexiness you deserve. Open to all genders!
Ryder and Daddy Dyke present this workshop to you after their performance of MAGIC DYKE* LIVE on Friday, 09 June in the Jaki Klub.
By & With
Production team
Co-founder & Choreographer, Dancer & Host: Ryder Dyke • Co-founder & Manager, Dancer, Host: Daddy Dyke
Magic Dyke*
Magic Dyke* is a stripping group based in Berlin by and for lesbians, women, non-binary, trans and intersex people. They strive to show masculine stripping from non-cis masculinities. Founders Daddy and Ryder met each other and shared a dream: to feel sexy in their masculinity as queer people that aren’t cis men. Magic Dyke* has now given butches, studs, bois, mascs and genderfuckers a stage to feel sexy in a world that tells them they aren’t.
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