Made of Space

GN | MC / Guy Nader & Maria Campos
Depot 1
16 & 17 September, 2023
Following on from »Time takes the Time Time takes« (2015) and »Set of Sets« (2018), audience favorites Guy Nader and Maria Campos complete their trilogy about rhythm, time, space and transience with MADE OF SPACE. Both audiences and dancers are kept in suspense by the precision and delicacy of the movements and the dynamic step combinations incorporating jumps, throws and turns. The unstoppable flow of movement is driven by the multifaceted live music of two virtuosos on their percussion instruments, composed by Miguel Marin. MADE OF SPACE promises a furious finale of moving metaphors for life cycles of creation and decay.
idea, concept & stage / choreography: Guy Nader • Maria Campos
creation & performance: Alex de Vries • Anamaria Klajnšček • Héctor Plaza • Maria Campos • Maxime Smeets • Noé Ferey • Patricia Hastewell
music composition: Miguel Marín
live music: Daniel Munarriz • Joan Pérez-Villegas
light design: Conchita Pons
costume: Gabriela Lotaif