Mama /
Until We Sleep

Botis Seva / Far from the Norm
Photo: Tom Visser
Depot 1
13 & 14 April 2024
Botis Seva’s latest Hip Hop theatre production, Until We Sleep, is a journey underlined with a resistance to change.

Amidst the oppression of leadership, a lone woman yearns for faith as she leads a wandering community through shifting passages of time. With a celestial blend of percussion and guttural sounds, music bleeds effortlessly into an undulating style of movement performed by Far From The Norm. Feathered costumes give glimpses of warriors transcending above their former identities, whilst piercing light interrupts the stage as a pitiless testing ground, reminding us of a higher power
that carves our reality.

Until We Sleep displays the heaviness of hope against the burden of responsibility, yet within the conflict, there exists a softness that breathes life into existence.

Duration: 80 minutes
Age Guidance: 12+

This performance includes strobes, loud music and haze.

Choreography: Botis Seva
Music: Torben Lars Sylvest
Costumes: Ryan Dawson Laight
Lighting: Tom Visser
Dancers: Shangomola Edunjobi • Jordan Douglas • Larissa Koopman • Joshua Nash • Rose Sall Sao • Botis Seva • Victoria Shulungu • Joshua Shanny Wynter
Rehearsal Support: Hayleigh Sellors
Costume supervisor: Rosie Whiting
Costume makers: Lou Petty • Jordan Edwards • Julie Sayers • Kari Levi • Delphine du Barry • Natalia Alvarez • Josie Thomas • Ben Redfern • Sophie Joo
Set Design: Matter Design
Photography: Camilla Greenwell • Tom Visser
Film: Ben Williams
Visual Design: Daniel C. Ferro
Mix & Mastering: Pär Carlsson
Music Collaborators: Omar Aboreeda • Kevin Allison • Chief Chebe • Charlotte Clark • Coll Daniels • Moustaha Gadiaga • Mohamed Gueye • Erick Mauricia • Gideon Ohene • Paul Shofolahan • Teodor Sjöqvist • Norman Willmore