Meta - Sleep

A music-theatrical installation
Photo: Krafft Angerer
After motives of »Leonce und Lena«
In German & English
Depot 2
1 hour 20 min • no intermission
World premiere:
March 3, 2023
LENA. Death is the most blessed dream. LEONCE. Then let me be your angel of death! Let my lips lower like his wings to your eyes.

To sleep, to dream, to detach oneself from one's own existence, to transcend physical and social boundaries, to be free: In LEONCE UND LENA, Georg Büchner lets his two title characters experience a shared dream. However, the way out of the tight corset of social expectations is not death, but transformation. Transformed into machines, the two royal children return to courtly society in order to escape the predestination of an arranged marriage. And they have to realise that their fate has long surpassed them.

Director and musician Robert Borgmann takes the motifs of dream and transformation as the starting point for an artistic investigation of body boundaries, redemption, posthumanism and artificial intelligence. It is an ancient dream of humanity that is re-dreamed in connection with current digital and virtual possibilities - medieval alchemy meets AI. An artistic boundary walk between music theatre and installation, meditation and performance
direction, stage & sound: Robert Borgmann
costume: Birgit Bungum
video design: Krzysztof Honowski
dramaturgy: Sibylle Dudek