Ohad Naharin / Batsheva Dance Company
Photo: Ascaf
Depot 1
03 - 05 November 2023
MOMO, the new work by the highly influential Ohad Naharin, longtime House Choreographer of the »Batsheva Dance Company« and creator of the movement language »Gaga«, has two souls. One strikes long roots in the depths of the earth, embodying archetypes and myths of raw masculinity and moving within its own autonomous and independent force field. The other constantly seeks an individual, distinct DNA — a constellation of elements revolving around the same core. MOMO is accompanied by music mainly from the album »Landfall« by Laurie Anderson and the »Kronos Quartet«, creating a shared landscape of deep sadness and beauty on stage.
choreography: Ohad Naharin / Batsheva Dance Company & Ariel Cohen
music: Laurie Anderson • Kronos Quartet (Philipp Glass • Arca • Maxim Waratt)
lightdesign: Avi Yona Bueno (Bambi)
Stage & Props: Gadi Tzachor
costume: Eri Nakamura
Sound Design & cutting: Maxim Waratt