Navy Blue

Oona Doherty
Photo: Dajana Lothert
Depot 1
Dance Geust Performance:
21& 22 October 2023
Oona Doherty, the shooting star of dance from Belfast, comes to Cologne for the first time. Having conquered the European dance scene with her award-winning pieces about identity, class and gender, NAVY BLUE, Doherty's first work for the big stage, is a personal reflection on dance, the conditions of our time and the search for collective healing. Based on Sergei Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2, Doherty transfers the classic ideal of crisis and redemption to the present. Her style is rough and unpolished, yet poetic and tender. Oona explains that in creating NAVY BLUE she was able to work with a talented, loving ensemble and escape the loneliness, the depression and the existential anxiety she felt from overwork, lockdowns and the multitude of other global crises.
artistic leadership & costume: Oona Doherty
Dancers: Amancio Gonzalez Minon • Andrea Moufounda • Arno Brys • Kinda Gozo • Hildeingeborg Sandvold • Joseph Simon • Mathilde Roussin • Ryan O'Neill • Sati Veyrunes • Thibaut Eiferman • Tomer Pistiner • Zoe Lecorgne • Magdalena Öttl
collaboration music: Jamie XX
collaboration script: Bush Moukarzel • Lisa Barry
light design: John Cunning
projection & stage design: Nadir Bouassria