Kolumba Museum
The acclaimed piece New Ocean Sea Cycle created by Richard Siegal with his company Ballet of Difference, based at Schauspiel Köln, is being shown as a continuous performance over one weekend at Kolumba, for the first time, as a collaboration between Kolumba and Tanz Köln. The timing of the beginning and end is determined by the 23 hours and 56 minutes it takes for the museum to rotate once around the Earth’s axis (a sidereal day) and the 24 hours and 48 minutes it takes for the moon to revolve once around the Earth (a lunar day). The Kolumba performance will not only launch the company’s third season as Cologne’s ballet company, but will also be the closing event of Kolumba’s exhibition “The subtle interplay between the I and the me”. Peter Zumthor’s visionary architecture will become the site of a vibrant interplay of movement, sound and light. The illumination, shadow, twilight and darkness of the differing diurnal and nocturnal atmospheres correspond with parts of the performance. Visitors are cordially invited to attend at any time and to stay as long as they like. The regular admission fee applies (€ 8/ € 5 red. the ticket is valid for the whole weekend and re-entry after leaving the museum is permitted).

The full program is available on 25th of august.