Noise Signal Silence

Photo: Thomas Schermer
By Richard Siegal / Ballet of Difference at Schauspiel Köln
Depot 1
27 October 2023
The collaboration between Richard Siegal and Alva Noto began in 2013 when the U.S. choreographer created his first ballet UNITXT, which is based on the music composition of the same name for Bayerishes Staatsballett. What started a decade ago as an artistic position on the relationship between ballet and technology now culminates in the trilogy NOISE SIGNAL SILENCE. In addition to UNITXT’s energetic ritual choreography, OVAL, created in 2019 for Saatsballett Berlin, will also be shown. Composed specifically for the trilogy finale, the music engenders a charged, almost hypnotic atmosphere in which 12 dancers move beneath a futuristic, oval-shaped light object. IN A LANDSCAPE serves as the interlude and was also created for Bayerisches Staatsballett in 2016. Based on a musical collaboration between Alva Noto and Ryūichi Sakamoto (both wrote the soundtrack for the Hollywood film THE REVENANT), a dreamlike ballet, lost in reverie, takes shape. Marked by a meditative interiority, it completes this multifaceted trilogy perfectly.
Choreography & Stage Design: Richard Siegal
Music: Alva Noto • Ryūichi Sakamoto
Costumes: Alexandra Bertraut • Konstantin Grcic • Richard Siegal
Lighting & Video: Richard Siegal • Matthias Singer • Philipp Deblitz