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The OLDSCHOOL is a theatre ensemble at Schauspiel Köln consisting of more than 25 Cologne senior citizens. The members aged between 60 and 87 are also artistically engage elsewhere: They sing in the choir, do voluntary work, build masks or are on the road as storytellers. Since the 19/20 season, the OLDSCHOOL is managed by the theatre pedagogist David Vogel. Among others, the OLDSCHOOL appears with its own productions, in workshops, activistic interventions as well as in educating programs being at the same time a meeting space for its members and the audience.
Unfortunately, due to reasons of capacity, we are currently not able to accept further members.


a project with and by the oldschool
Spring 2020: stillstand. A new, especially vulnerable risk group is defined. Whole generations of senior citizens are seeing themselves exposed to a daily life of unexpected solidarity, governmental protection, but also personal isolation. And while the majority of the society slowly awakens from the lockdown, the seniors are still confronted with their new treatment as a risk group.

Originally, the members of the senior-ensemble OLDSCHOOL were meant to start rehearsing for their new stage project in May, which was cancelled as a consequence of the corona crisis. Instead, they put their thoughts about risk, loneliness, infantilization and the detailed observation of the daily life in a constantly recurring routine of quarantine to paper.

The honest confessions, observations, and surprising conclusions from 18 members of the OLDSCHOOL are doing away with established imagination and give a segment of society a voice, which suddenly sees itself in an even greater isolation than before the pandemic. In the scenic reading RISK (German title RISIKO), they create a diverse portray of their experiences.

Cast and Team

With: Thomas Bender, Mario Betz, Freya Dietrich, Uta Gärtel, Wolfgang Günther, Anne Kaute, Jürgen Kempf, Agatha Klewer, Elfi Metzing, Behshid Najafi, Edith Oepen, Gisela Pflughaupt, Ingrid Ruth Plewe, Renate Rasch, Lily Schumacher, Gabriele Seiler-Seidler, Horst Sommerfeld und Wolfgang Wewer • concept and staging: David Vogel, Dominika Široká und Johanna Rummeny • Video: Leon Landsberg, Leon Follert • sound technology: Oliver Bersin

Risk • the movie