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On the need for respectful treatment in medicine

With Sara Grzybek from »QUEERMED Deutschland«
THUR 08 JUNE • 19.30 P.M.
Panel • 1h • Green Room
Sara Grzybek introduces QUEERMED DEUTSCHLAND and reports on the search for queer-friendly and sensitised practices. Moderated by MISSY MAGAZINE and Zain Salam Assaad, the conversation then opens to the audience.
Sara Grzybek
Sara Grzybek (no pronouns/they), was born in 1992 in Wrocław (Poland) and founded QUEERMED GERMANY in 2021, in addition to working in marketing. As a founder, Sara is concerned with discrimination in medicine and offers QUEERMED as a platform for finding safer spaces.
Zain Salam Assaad
Zain Salam Assaad was born and raised in a small town in western Syria. Zain has been living in Germany since mid-2016. After completing a degree in communication and media studies in Leipzig, Zain now works as a freelance journalist, translator and curator, especially on the topics of LGBTIQ* rights, migration and digital trends. For Missy Magazine, Assaad writes the column »Hypertext«, in which she*he reflects on exile, pop culture and world affairs. Zain is also co-curator of the discourse programme of the Balance Club / Culture Festival in Leipzig and is actively involved in organising events with local and political initiatives on topics that are often neglected in the media.

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