Requiem: Fire in the Air of the Earth

Kyle Abraham / A.I.M by Kyle Abraham
Photo: Peter Hönnemann.
Dance guest performance
Depot 1
26 - 28 May 2023
The US choreographer Kyle Abraham is coming to Cologne for the very first time. The world premiere of his piece REQUIEM: FIRE IN THE AIR OF THE EARTH unanimously euphorized the press after its premiere in Hamburg at Kampnagel in summer 2021. In his early works, Kyle Abraham has already dealt with the racist murders of black people and PoC bodies. Worldwide, he choreographs contemporary dance with formal coolness and relevance to content. In his piece, he creates a post-pandemic requiem to the Mozart re-composition of footwork pioneer Jlin. Footwork is music and dance in one. Virtuoso physicality and rhythmic complexity - and very fast. Under the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic and the worldwide Black Lives Matter protests, Abraham and Jlin explore the central theme of one of the most canonical works of white Western classical music from a primarily Black perspective: death and the myths of reincarnation. Kyle Abraham's dance film WHEN WE FELL for the "New York City Ballet" has been called "one of the most beautiful dance films of the pandemic" by the New York Times.

World premiere: 20 August 2021
Choreography: Kyle Abraham in cooperation with "A.I.M"
music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, »Requiem in D Minor Jlin, Untitled«
Dan Scully · Giles Deacon