GN|MC Guy Nader • Maria Campos

Set of Sets

Photo: Alfred Mauve
Depot 1
4th - 6th November 2021
For the first time in Cologne, we welcome GN | MC, Barcelona-based company established by Guy Nader and Maria Campos, who are both choreographers and dancers. Guy Nader, from Lebanon, and Maria Campos, from Spain, work at the nexus of contemporary dance, contact improvisation, acrobatics and martial arts.

Together with five dancers and the musician Miguel Marín, they grapple with the concept of time and question familiar patterns of perception. With their captivating choreography, which expresses a seemingly endless flow of repeated movements, they create an emblem for the repetitive nature of being, whereby the possibility of rebellion is always present. Maria Campos, born in Barcelona, studied dance at SEAD, Salzburg and completed a bachelor’s in dance at the Amsterdam School of Arts. Guy Nader obtained his BA in Theater Studies at the Beirut Institute of Fine Art and studied at the Physical Theatre School in Barcelona.

Since 2006, they have both been working together under the label GN | MC. In 2017, they were awarded the German Theater prize, Der Faust, in the choreography category for Fall Seven Times. In 2018, they were awarded the Premios de la Crítica de las Artes Escèniquas for “Best Choreography” and “Best Performance” for Sets of Sets.

idea, concept & choreography: GN|MC Guy Nader | Maria Campos
live music: Miguel Marín
light design: Yaron Abulafia
costume: Anna Ribera
technical management: Albert Glas
artistic advice: Alexis Eupierre
rehearsal director: Tanja Skok

By and with

By and with Maria Campos, Guy Nader, Noé Ferey (Lisard Tranis), Patricia Hastewell (Clementine Telesfort), Alex de Vries (Csaba Varga), Tina Halford (Roser Tutusaus), Héctor Plaza (Tom Weksler)
Maria Campos
Guy Nader
Noé Ferey
Patricia Hasetewell
Alex de Vries
Tina Halford
Héctor Plaza