Stefko Hanushevsky tells: the great dictator

Online Stream
by Stefko Hanushevsky, Rafael Sanchez und petschinka
approx. 1 hour • 20 minutes
30 OCT 2020
It has been exactly 80 years now, since Charlie Chaplin, as Adenoid Hynkel, mocked Adolf Hitler's megalomania in the classic film THE GREAT DICTATOR. The almost fateful connection between Chaplin and Hitler - the difference in age of only a few days and the characteristic little beard - was taken by the most popular comedian of his time as an opportunity to criticise the conditions in the so-called Third Reich and to send a humanistic message to the world at the beginning of the Second World War.
A look at the current rise of right-wing populists - the potential Hynkels and Napalonis of today - invites to take up again the Nazi satire of that time. The ensemble member Stefko Hanushevsky is the expert par excellence in this field! Born in Austria, he himself was once a "Führer" (leader), explicitly speaking a tour guide. In the summer before going to drama school, he accompanied tourists from the United States to the cruel sites of National Socialism. Because that is, with what the German tourism industry earns most of its money. True story so far, ladies and gentleman! Stefko puts on once again his tour guide's uniform and takes the audience with him on a bus tour through stations of his life. It leads to New York, into the dressing room of James Gandolfini alias Tony Soprano, and into the hotel rooms of wealthy tourists...

After MOHAMED ACHOUR TELLS: CASABLANCA, STEFKO HANUSHEVSKY TELLS: THE GREAT DICTATOR is the continuation of the successful monologue series by in-house director Rafael Sanchez and author petschinka, in which actors talk about their own lives based on a cult film (and with a touch of fantasy).

Actor Stefko Hanushevsky and director Rafael Sanchez did not rest after their premiere in October. Instead, the two of them started with a lot of energy and humour to conceive the performance for the camera! Split into four parts, you now have again the opportunity to experience theatre on the big stage - or rather in a coach - from the comfort of your own home!

direction: Rafael Sanchez
dramaturgy: Dominika Široká
Camera & Video Director: Leon Landsberg
Camera Assistant: Paul Schwarz