Photo: Thomas Rabsch
from Albert Ostermaier
Depot 2
Marcel is a consultant, management consultant, frequent flyer, high performer - the financial industry personified. His numerous business trips have taken him around the world several times. Until he is suddenly stuck in Wuhan. Because a virus is on the way, just as efficient as Marcel and just as adaptable and changeable. As in a feverish dream, Marcel jumps through time and space. Flashes of memories of a childhood full of humiliations alternate with descriptions of dark places of exploitation of humans and animals. Patient zero who is on the road as a super spreader on behalf of the virus, somewhere between megalomania and greed, lust for revenge and infinite forlornness?

Albert Ostermaier lets his restless protagonist race through a brilliant text with an insane love of language - played by Peter Lohmeyer, staged by Rafael Sanchez.

direction: Rafael Sanchez