Britney X

The emotional body

by & with Elle Fierce
Photo: Fade Elias
DO 08 JUNE • 15.00 P.M.
Workshop • 1h • Concert Hall • in English
THUR 08 JUN 2023 • 15.00
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The workshop, created and facilitated by Elle Fierce, aims to be an introduction to movement and connection with the emotional body. Drawing from non-traditional trauma therapy techniques and somatic dance practices, a guided improvisation is used as a base for exploration, supported by centred visualisation and a curated soundscape. This process is used to explore rooted emotion, translated through the physical body.

Open to all levels of movement experience and abilities and no previous experience needed. No photographs or videos are taken during the workshop.
Elle Fierce
ELLE FIERCE (they/she) is a Trans Femme/Non-Binary British born Jamaican-Irish artist, based in Germany & UK. Classically trained in ballet & modern dance with a BA degree in Professional Performance. Whilst based in Leipzig, they developed their activism through creating clubnights centering Q*T*BI*POC’s, political demonstrations and »Black Queer Pride« in Leipzig.

Their work as a freelance artist takes an interdisciplinary approach to performance, combining their activism to create provocative solo/ensemble productions, recently within a residency with Akademie der Künste der Welt, Köln 2021/22, as well as exhibiting in Vienna, London and Hamburg.
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