The Feast of Sacrifice

(Das Opferfest)
Photo: Thomas Aurin
by Ibrahim Amir
Open Air
world premiere:
09 APR 2021
In Ibrahim Amir's new comedy, a family comes together in summer to celebrate the Feast of Sacrifice. The most important Islamic festival, which is celebrated worldwide at the climax of the pilgrimage to Mecca, harbours - like every family celebration - some conflicts. Together with their parents Rashid and Sarah, the two adult sons Hassan and Walid are waiting for the arrival of their little sister Ranya. The fact that she is bringing her boyfriend Max to the holy festival this year has caused a lot of resentment among some family members. While waiting, other problems come to light: Should the grandson Mohamad be circumcised, shouldn't Rashid sacrifice the feast animal himself instead of buying it from the butcher, and what is it about the immigrants' heightened sense of pain? When daughter and boyfriend finally arrive and the old neighbour joins them, the feast threatens to escalate... In this world premiere, Ibrahim Amir explores with relish the dynamics, fixed roles, and expectations of the social structure family, which is located in the area of tension of a constantly changing immigration society. In-house director Moritz Sostmann brings the play together with puppets and ensemble actors to the stage - in this case to the vernal CARLsGARTEN of Schauspiel Köln.

direction: Moritz Sostmann
costume: Elke von Sivers, Lise Kruse
puppets: Hagen Tilp
stage lighting: Jürgen Kapitein