The Grapes of Wrath

Photo: Krafft Angerer
based on the novel by John Steinbeck
In an adaptation by petschinka
translated by Klaus Lambrecht
online stream
with English subtitles
approx. 2 hours • 20 minutes
20 DEC 2020
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From rags to riches. This is the promise that has become the mindset of the immigration country par excellence, the United States. But especially in times of crisis, the holes in the narrative of social advancement reveal themselves. When the Corona virus hit the US, it was once again the socially vulnerable who suffered the consequences of the crisis. Millions of people lost their jobs, and the economic depression could hardly be stopped. Most of those who succumbed to the virus came from structurally disadvantaged African American communities. Talk of the »greatest country in the history of man« was exposed as a myth during the crisis.

The deconstruction of the American Dream is at the centre of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel »The Grapes of Wrath«. John Steinbeck tells in it the story of the Joad farming family from Oklahoma who, after years of drought, gives up their old life and sets out on a journey along Route 66. Their destination: California. But the Californian Dream recedes continuously further into the distance as the migrants only encounter swindlers, exploitation, and exclusion in the West. This is the story of the hour, revealing the connections between the economic crisis, the migration movement and climate change.

direction: Rafael Sanchez
costume: Maria Roers
lighting: Michael Frank
image direction live stream: Nazgol Emami
vision mixer live stream: Jonathan Kastl
camera live-stream: Nora Daniels, Paul Faltz & Paul Schwarz