Britney X

The Massacre: A family celebration

by Caspar Maria Russo • direction: Nicolai Six
FRI 09 JUNE • 20.30 P.M.
Theatre • 50 min • Jaki Club
It's Christmas. Time for the family. Father, mother, child, lovers, grandparents. All of them are sitting at the table. With THE MASSACRE, the young author Capsar-Maria Russo takes a dissecting and sarcastic look at the family tangles of our time. Offended vanity, shattered dreams of life and the excessive desire for harmony join the buffet. And, along the way, the insolvent slaughterhouse is to be transformed into a vegan super-food company. THE MASSCRE. A FAMILY CELEBRATION
Production Team
By Caspar Maria Russo • Scenic design: Nicolai Six • Set design stage: Dorothee Mümmler • Set design costumes: Lina Hepp • Sound: Oliver Bersin • With Nicola Gründel, Benjamin Höppner, Anne Kaute, Jonas Laiblin, Anja Laïs, Ramona Petry
Nicolas Six studied literature in Munich and Vienna. He did internships and assistantships at the Residenztheater Munich, Volkstheater Vienna, Schauspiel Frankfurt and Schauspiel Cologne. He also worked as a freelance dramaturge in Munich, Berlin and Düsseldorf. THE MASSCRE. A FAMILY CELEBRATIONs his first work in Cologne. In his works, he is interested in the formal dissection of interpersonal relationships.
Caspar-Maria Russo
Caspar-Maria Russo was born in 1994 in Eddelsen and has been a soccer coach, pizza maker, parcel and medicine messenger, editor, waiter, jacket dispenser and ticket taker in the theater. He is a narrator of audio books, was invited to the 2017 Theatertreffen der Jugend, and is currently writing a doctoral dissertation on Roger Willemsen and Robert Musil. He has received numerous grants for his texts, including the Startstipendium für Literatur of the Austrian Federal Government. In 2022 he received the exil-literaturpreis, in 2023 a nomination at the Autor:innenpreis of the Heidelberger Stückemarkt for his play draußen ist wetter (oder die erfindung der straßenverkehrsordnung). He lives in Vienna.