Britney X

The political dimensions in drag

with Dornika Kazerani aka Many Faced Godx
SAT 10 JUNE • 17.30 P.M.
Panel • 1h • Concert Hall • in English
Why Drag? An invitation to a conversation with the community: What motivates artists to adopt drag personas? Which statements do they want to send to the majority society? And, what obstacles are put in their way?
Dornika Kazerani
Dornika Kazerani is a Tehran born and Berlin based artist, singer/songwriter, rapper and music producer. Also known in the vibrant Berlin queer underground by her drag persona, Many Faced Godx, she is as versatile with her sound as she is with her looks, defying genre as well as gender expectations. Dornika's work is heavily influenced by her activism. As a pop act she is using music as her platform to speak on bigger subjects, confronting subjects of body autonomy, racism and bringing awareness to the female led revolution in Iran.
Turkish Delight
Turkish Delight - a real treat.
This drag quing from Cabaret of Shadows is the sweetest temptation you've all been waiting for. Their Drag, inspired by Turkish culture, shows life as a trans* BIPoC in Berlin. Take a bite and let them melt in your mouth. Don't forget to enjoy the INCREDIBLE responsibly, because there are no parties without me.
Lou Conradi aka Ruco laPesto
Lou Conradi aka Ruco laPesto is a queer performance artist and author. His art is a bitter but loving commentary on the situation of trans and queer people in germany. Ruco wants to dream of a better future with you so it can grow in our hearts. His first novel, Baby Butch, was published 2019 with edition assemblage.