Tomorrow is (for now)
always here

Photo: Ana Lukenda
by Iva Brdar
from Serbo-Croatian by Ana Brdar
in English
In English
The self-help site wikiHow promises its community solutions to all kinds of problems. In a few simple steps, the whole world should be able to learn how to fix a tire, prepare the perfect pancake or crack a safe. Inspired by the advice and tutorials on the popular website, award-winning author Iva Brdar asks herself: Can you write a wikiHow article as a guide to life? In short and crisp chapters, she negotiates the problems and insecurities of young women in times of social media and constant self-optimization with abysmal (self-)irony.

The young director Christina Lindauer puts the wikiHow piece directly on the Internet and takes apart contemporary internet phenomena with great playfulness.
Director: Christina Lindauer
Video: Roman Knerr
Equipment: Julie Wiesen
Costume: Melina Jusczyk
Dramaturgy: Dominika Široká