When We Have Sufficiently
Tortured Each Other

Photo: Thomas Aurin
By Martin Crimp
In German by Ulrike Syha
In German
Depot 2
90 min • no intermission
German speaking
world premiere:
October 28, 2022
A woman and a man. Did he kidnap her? Is he holding her against her will? Or is it a game? If so, who will win? Even when more people join in – a housekeeper and two girls – their relationship doesn’t gain clarity. On the contrary, nothing is certain here. And the rules of the game exist only to relish in circumventing them. British dramaturg Martin Crimp has written 12 variations of an encounter in which the boundaries between power and powerlessness continually shift. With profound wit and keen powers of observation, he allows the contradictions of gender relations to manifest, showing how centuries-old power structures become fixed and continue to exist – if only as parody.

Director Thomas Jonigk, whose recent notable production was BRUDER EICHMANN, brings the premiere of the piece in German translation to the stage of Depot 2.
direction: Thomas Jonigk
Stage design: Lisa Däßler
choreography: Teresa Rotemberg
music / sound: Mathis Nitschke
dramaturgy: Sibylle Dudek