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Who let the dyke out?

lesbian-feminist writing workshop by & with Eva Tepest & Lynn Takeo Musiol
SAT 10 JUNE • cancelled
Workshop • 1h • Jaki Club
SAT 10 JUN 2023 • cancelled
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How has a male-dominated canon shaped our writing and consumption? What is the connection between queer desire and genre? And, how can the political, climatic, or personal crises of our time be told from a marginalized perspective? Engaging experience and theory, this dyke dogs workshop aims to explore lesbian-feminist writing and storytelling and provide a space in which long-held certainties about writing can be sabotaged, queered, and reimagined.
On Friday, 09 June 2023, Lynn Takeo Musiol and Eva Tepest speake in the context of the panel SHE IS A TOUCHDOWN TO THE HEART about their very own lesbian utopian reference work.The panel is presented in cooperation with lit.COLGONE.
By & With
Eva Tepest
Eva Tepest is an author and journalist. Eva's writing practice focuses on autofictional and essayistic text forms. How can marginalised writers tell their experiences? Can a text be submissive? Eva's essay collection »Power Bottom« was published in March by MÄRZ Verlag. She is also a moderator and editor.
Lynn Takeo Musiol
Lynn Takeo Musiol works as a writer, director and performer with a focus on climate, class and queerness. Lynn Takeo is a co-founder of the theatre collective les dramaturx, which is currently staging the production MEISTER RÖCKLE at the Magdeburg Theatre.
Together Musiol/Tepest run the performance and writing collective DYKE DOG, with which they organise, among other things, the lesbian-queer cultural party of the same name at the Berlin Schaubühne. With their joint writing, Musiol & Tepest were finalists in Open Mikes 2020. Their maxim: Dyke is a riot. Dyke is tragic. Dyke is always insufficient.
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