Lovely Shrivelled Meat

Photo: Ana Lukenda
A play developed by OLDSCHOOL
Depot 2
29th January 2022
Since antiquity, beauty standards in Western society continue to change. One attribute, however, has persisted over the centuries: beauty has been associated with youthfulness. Old people, on the other hand, were often stigmatised, made invisible or excluded because of their appearance.

In the 21st century, this ‘norm’ is slowly beginning to crumble. Fashion icon, Iris Apfel, signed a lucrative modelling contract at the age of 97; there are more »gran-fluencers« than ever on social media; and hashtags such as #silverbeauty or #styleatanyage are trending. Old bodies are getting a new visibility.

Yet, where do we really stand on the acceptance of older and aging bodies in a society that is still strongly characterised by age discrimination? In times of »active aging«, the senior ensemble at Schauspiel Köln examine their own aging processes and body biographies: Do they feel beautiful? Who desires whom? When exactly did the aging process begin? What events have inscribed themselves into their skin over the years? And in what way is their own physical appearance reflected back at them?

The OLDSCHOOL-Performers explore the metamorphosis of their own bodies against the background of current beauty discourses and bring their personal (body) stories to the stage.

Direction: David Vogel
Stage Design: Anna Lachnit
Costume: Julia Misiorny
Music: Oliver Bersin
Lighting: Michael Frank, Manfred Breuer
Choreographic collaboration: Nina Mackenthun
Dramaturgy: Dominika Široká
Nude photography & production assistance: Johanna Rummeny